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About me

My journey with art began at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, where I followed the path of Publishing Graphics as part of my postgraduate studies. It was there that I discovered my passion for illustration, which I now devote myself to with passion and commitment.

I am an IT specialist by profession and education, but for over a dozen years I have also been passing on my knowledge as a computer graphics teacher, and I have also cooperated with a Warsaw publishing house as a book cover designer.

I am not a supporter of obviousness in art, I try to ensure that my paintings or graphics are not open to unambiguous interpretations.


oil on canvas

I've recently started my adventure with oil paints and I must admit that it's not an easy thing, but I won't give up...

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I have always liked cards very much, although what interested me was not the game itself, but the story told by the card characters. I created my four...

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My works are a record of emotions, experiences and reflections that shape my life and influence my view of the world.

Through painting, I want to take the viewer on a journey through colors, textures and forms, discovering a new perspective on the surrounding reality. I am inspired by nature, people and the complexity of the human experience, which is reflected in my paintings.

My works not only reflect the beauty of the world, but also create space for reflection and introspection. I try to convey my emotions and beliefs to the viewer through colors and compositions, encouraging them to discover their own interpretations and feelings.

Malowanie to nie tylko proces twórczy, lecz również nieustanna podróż poznawczo-terapeutyczna, która stale poszerza moje horyzonty artystyczne.


I also create digital painting, which is not only a form of artistic expression, but also a fascinating journey through the creative possibilities offered by the world of the virtual medium.

Digital graphics have unlimited possibilities in shaping images - I can easily change proportions, correct errors and test various styles.

Jedną z najbardziej pociągających rzeczy w rysowaniu cyfrowym jest również to, że mogę dostosować proces twórczy do konkretnego projektu. Czasami wybieram bardziej realistyczne podejście, starając się odwzorować detale i światło, podczas gdy innym razem wolę eksperymentować z bardziej abstrakcyjnymi formami i kolorami.


Ilustracje Szancera mnie ukształtowały,  to nie tylko obrazy, ale prawdziwe dzieła sztuki, które wnoszą do historii głębię i emocje. Potrafił uchwycić atmosferę każdej sceny i nadać postaciom życie, co sprawia, że ilustracje stają się nieodłączną częścią książek.

I created illustrations for two books. The first one is by Ugnius Rainkas, The Fairy Tale of the White Mouse, and the second one is entirely created by me, titled Za-Hyphen.

During my postgraduate studies in Publishing Graphics, I decided to try to create a colorful description of the text. I used watercolors for this purpose, these are loose connections to the aphorisms of well-known or lesser-known authors. More important than the text itself was the internal dialogue of associations.

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